Advanced Oracle Coherence Monitoring with RTView OCM 6.0

SL Corporation is taking visibility into Oracle Coherence to the next level with version 6.0 of their highly regarded RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor (OCM). RTView OCM 6.0 provides new analytics to understand and alert on Coherence cluster configuration, activity, performance, resource usage and load balancing for proxy connections, database persistence, and other key aspects of the grid.

Everett Williams, Senior Technology Director at SL Corporation gave a deep-dive demo of the new features of RTView OCM 6.0.

Top 5 things you will learn by attending this webinar:

  1. What alerts you should have in place to detect failures or resource issues in Coherence
  2. The most useful Coherence KPIs that will tell you if you have architected a high-performing and cost-effective grid
  3. What you need to know about Coherence data persistence and what you need to monitor
  4. How to interpret Coherence resource activity and resource usage including CPU, memory and network bandwidth
  5. What are the most important alerts and what to do when you see one

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